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Can a vivid imagination be a substitute for real loss?

In a family that is shrinking and a world that is growing bigger, three precocious children attempt to carve out a unique space for themselves and the memory of their parents. 

Crocosmia is an explosion of fast-paced, visual storytelling following the Brackenberg siblings and their attempts to make sense of the world through cake puppetry, romantic slide shows and ingenious bulb experiments, all backed by their parents' vintage record collection.


This was our first show.  We created it whilst still at University in Kent.  It premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2008 where it received an array of five star reviews and three awards (Fringe First, Total Theatre Award for Best Graduate Theatre Company and the Arches Brick Award).  It continued to tour throughout 2009 and 2010 to studio theatres and village halls around the country as well as abroad to Toronto, Canada and Perth, Australia.  It was last performed in 2011.

 ‘...a gorgeous hour full of gentle quirks and affectionate oddities...’   

Metro, Tina Jackson

 'The performers have a terrific dynamic... leaving you wondering whether they might not be related in real life.'

The Scotsman, Sally Stott

'On the day I saw it, there were just seven other people there... By the end, two people were in floods of tears – and one of them was me.'  


 The Guardian, Maddy Costa 

Balloons hi res.jpg

Written and devised by the company
Directed by Alexander Scott

Performed by
Clare Beresford
Dominic Conway
Shamira Turner

Photography and trailer by Little Bulb

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