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We learn a lot from sharing our practice and are always happy to discuss the ways in which we make work and run our company.  We are often invited to give workshops and over the years we have created a variety of bespoke formats, from three hour sessions to week long workshops.  We also lead a module in Devising and Adaptation for UCA Farnham.  


Our workshops tend to focus on our experience of the devising process; using music, movement, writing, improvisation, collaboration, reflection and discussion as a means of theatrical exploration.  If the workshops span a number of days we tend to use a theme or other stimulus as a starting point from which to create and shape material.  

We aim to have fun in our workshops, to celebrate the diversity of disciplines and approaches that can lead to the creation of an original theatrical language, and to experience the joy of working in an inclusive and generous ensemble.  We also aim to push ourselves and our participants to move out of our comfort zones, to try new ways of working and to fine tune our skills to the highest possible standard regardless of previous experience or formal training.      

If you would like to know more about the workshops we offer then please get in touch through our Contact page. 


Photography by Emma Hare

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