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Privacy Basics

This is a summary of how Little Bulb Theatre (hereafter LBT) processes and stores personal information and data.

1. If you register for our Newsletter you own the data in your public profile
The information you voluntarily enter onto the LBT website, including location, contact details (e.g. name, phone number, Twitter handles) and capacity, are public when published by you. 

2. Registering for the LBT Newsletter
When you express an interest in joining the LBT Newsletter, your name, email address and phone number is stored on a database for the purpose of receiving business-related communications from LBT. This database allows us to contact you with updates of our projects. 
3. Database of organisations and professional individuals
We hold contact details for arts professionals (organisations and individuals) which are used regularly for the purposes of our mission. This data is for the sole use of business purposes and is never used for marketing.
4. Retention of data. How long will we store your data?
Data will be deleted if/when:

  • specifically requested by the individual

  • the purpose and/or existence of LBT changes or discontinues




May 2018

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