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Album Project

In 2013 we began working on a long-distance album project with our associate artists. We were all living apart at the time, so we developed the material through a series of art packages that we sent to each other every month.  The packages were filled with song recommendations, pictures, photos, letters, scraps of text and musical ideas.  The following summer we then spent two frenetic weeks recording a set of seven original songs, each one collaboratively created under the guidance of a different band member, and another two songs that serve as a ‘hello’ and a ‘farewell’.  


Finally, in 2015, we handmade 100 copies of this, our Album Project, as a parcel containing pictures, stories, anecdotes, poems, letters and, of course, the music.  A few remain and are available upon request. 


You can listen for free here and on our Bandcamp page, where full downloads are also available.

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In 2013 we made an Album!

Music video for Farewell, made in lockdown...

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'Farewell' music video by Little Bulb


Farewell is the final track of The Album Project (2015).  This video was made during lockdown in 2020 and was first shown as a part of the inaugural Forest Fringe TV broadcast.




In 2013, following a time of much togetherness during Orpheus, we found ourselves scattered around the country working on different projects.   To keep making music together from afar we decided to develop an album by sending each other art packages containing music, pictures, lyrics, ideas and anything else that could fit through a letterbox.  The final track, Farewell, began as a piano instrumental by Alex that he then asked us to create overdubs for in our separate locations.  Recordings were made with phones, laptops and basic microphones in bedrooms, bathrooms and backrooms of theatres, which Alex then layered together into a swirling collage of disparate voices and instruments colliding together.  It was finally released as part of The Album Project in 2015.  


Fast-forward five years and we, along with the rest of the world, find ourselves in a very different type of separation.  When our friends at Forest Fringe sent a callout for art that could be streamed during lockdown it seemed fitting to return to this piece and try, once again, to collaborate as a long-distance ensemble.  The stop motion animation was created using original artwork from each member of the ensemble, sent using the beloved postal service (plus email).  Though we could not be together, our pictures and ideas could still co-exist, weaving around each other to form a surreal and dreamlike meditation on friendship, separation, communication and connection.  We hope you enjoy it!  Thank you very much for watching.  And a big thank you to Forest Fringe for setting the ball in motion.      

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Written and devised by the company

Process led by Dominic Conway

Mastered by Ed Clarke

Performed by
Clare Beresford
Dominic Conway
Miriam Gould
Eugénie Pastor
Tom Penn
Alexander Scott
Shamira Turner

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