Goose Party

Migrate! Celebrate! Goose Party! The Identity Tour (a search for identity). 

Treat your sweet senses and dancing legs to the party’s sonic antipasti of sassy pseudo-fiesta funk, water story power folk, electronica gender anthems, dirty agro railway blues, plus a bit of the strummy soft stuff for the lovers or the lonely, in a high octane evening of madcap musical wildness, wilderness and general gooseyness as we all endeavour to find out... 





Originally conceived as a musical side project, Goose Party played a few one off gigs before finding itself in the form of a three set theatre gig. It premiered at the Edinburgh Festival in 2011 and toured briefly the following year culminating with a Christmas special at Battersea Arts Centre. We don't perform as Goose Party anymore but every now and then the songs from this time make it into our gigs.

Written and devised by the company


Performed by

Clare Beresford

Dominic Conway

Eugénie Pastor

Alexander Scott

Shamira Turner

Photography by india Roper-Evans.  Videos by Little Bulb.

Ltd No. 7706720

Little Bulb c/o Farnham Maltings, 

Bridge Square, Farnham, Surrey, 


is produced by 

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