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Listen Dance

An interactive gig-theatre extravaganza!

Tonight, we're going to ceilidh.

We're going to mosh.

We're going to rave and jive.

We will disco, we may even dance the macarena.

We're going to dance all the dances that you don't need to train for, and if you don't know what to do, we're here to help.


We're making a new show called Listen Dance. It’s an interactive gig-theatre extravaganza that brings an audience together for a night of different dances. With a genre-hopping live band, theatrical surprises and plenty of room on the dance floor, this unique collective event creates space for everyone to celebrate their own relationship to dance.

We're thrilled to announce that Listen Dance will premiere this summer on Wednesday 3rd July 2024, 7.30pm at Westlands Entertainment Centre, Yeovil!

Tickets are now on sale! -

Follow the link above and see you on the dance floor!

A5_Flyer_Front_FINAL 3.jpg

Conceived and created by Little Bulb


Written and devised by 

Clare Beresford

Dominic Conway

Miriam Gould

Conrad Murray 

Eugénie Pastor

Tom Penn

Alexander Scott

Deepraj Singh 

Shamira Turner

Isabel Adomakoh Young


With thanks to

Yshani Perinpanayagam - R&D collaborator 

Claire Wild - R&D collaborator 

Fiona Baxter - R&D collaborator and producer

Dan Canham - Chats and guidance 


The process has been inspired by creative sessions with Open Door (Super-Culture Theatre Group) and students from University of Bristol and UCA Farnham. 

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