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Little Upper Downing 049_2.jpg

The Marvellous and Unlikely Fete of Little Upper Downing

A play for village halls commissioned by Farnham Maltings

The Little Upper Downing Folk Society is in town, and as well as wanting to share some cracking tunes, there’s a severe hole in the history curriculum that desperately needs to be rectified. As if it weren’t bad enough that most people haven’t even heard of Little Upper Downing, no one even seems to realise that it was home to the greatest folk duo of all time! Fear not though, as Seth, Peter, Charlotte and Mary have brought just enough props and passion to tell you the tale of the villages’ two unlikely heroes, Derek Badger and Christopher Roaring, both on a journey of self discovery through fog, friendship, folk music and the odd ribbon dance.

Little Upper Downing 049_2.jpg

Little Upper Downing toured to village halls all around the country in 2011 and 2012 as well as popping up at the Tobacco Factory and Secret Garden Party.


'An all-singing, all-playing cast work their socks off, display genuine musicianship and invest every single second with total sincerity.'


The Guardian, Lyn Gardner 

Written and devised by the company


Performed by

Clare Beresford

Dominic Conway

Alexander Scott

Shamira Turner

Photography by Max Humphries

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