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Music and Media

One thing that we feel passionately about is music and its ability to inspire and communicate beyond language in a universal way. Music is an essential part of how we make our theatre. Whether it is live or recorded, modern or very old, music informs and inspires our work. Outside of our theatre shows we often end up performing one off gigs as a band in various incarnations, from twinkling strings in a theatre foyer to our 8 piece party jazz band Hot Club de Bulb. 


Check out our Bandcamp page to hear some of the music we’ve recorded over the years. Or if you want to know more about our various bands then visit our Little Bulb Band page where we will try to explain our ever-changing sounds. Any up coming gigs open to the public will be displayed on our News page. Below is a selection of recordings and videos we've made from various shows and experiments over the years. We hope you enjoy.

Farewell- lockdown video

Erbama dich mein Gott- Mirror R&D

Christmas 2020 Listen/Dance experiment

Risk- The Future R&D

Monteverdi experiment- Orpheus R&D

Goose Party- Jam in C

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