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An epic cardboard folk-opera

It is the Wellesferry family reunion and it is time for the younger generation to prove that the long held family tradition of telling tall tales will never die.


This cardboard extravaganza, set on the high seas, sheds light on the bizarre and fantastical history of how the family got its name.


Featuring an ambitious collection of arias, sea shanties, anthems, beat poems and a rogues gallery of Captains, Mermaids, Brides, Cads and Fisher Boys.


In 2009 we were commissioned by the Forest Fringe to make a show for the Edinburgh festival. The result was a reckless, ever changing, interactive and improvisational musical comedy splashdown with puppets.  After a two week run at the Forest Café (where it was nominated for the Total Theatre Award for Music and Theatre) it transferred to the Battersea Arts Centre café  for the Storytelling Festival in March 2010.  We hoisted its sails later that year for Mayfest in Bristol and gave it a final send off at the Secret Garden Party that summer.  

Sporad clump.png

Written and devised by the company


Performed by

Clare Beresford

Dominic Conway

Eugénie Pastor

Alexander Scott

Shamira Turner

Mermaid photograph by Murdo Macleod for The Guardian.  Video by Peter Byron.

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