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Four Seasons

A theatrical love letter to nature for children and their families.

We begin in Winter, where frost crunches underfoot, icy winds blow, and snow is softly falling all around. Much of nature seems to be asleep. But somewhere, preparations for something truly wonderful are underway. 

Join our intrepid team of magical gardeners as they tend to the marvellous menagerie of flora and fauna at every stage of nature’s miraculous journey. Four Seasons is a celebration of the wonder and weirdness of nature and our place within it, all set to an exciting score of seasonally inspired tracks including, of course, Vivaldi’s iconic piece.

Expect enchanting and innovative theatre featuring puppetry, dance and clowning fun – everything we’ve come to expect from Olivier Award-winning Little Bulb (Hibernation, CBEEBIES’ The Nutcracker).

FOURSEASONS_V_Noground (1).jpg

Conceived and created by Little Bulb 


Written and devised by Clare Beresford, Dominic Conway, Hanora Kamen, Vic Llewellyn, Alexander Scott and Shamira Turner.

Performed by

Hanora Kamen

Vic Llewellyn

Amy Harris

Originally Performed by

Clare Beresford

Vic Llewellyn

Alexander Scott/Dominic Conway

Directed by Alexander Scott 

Designed in collaboration with Kirsty Harris 

with trees by Jamie Misselbrook

Illustrations by Louise Boulter 

Illustrations by Louise Boulter

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