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Advisory Board Call Out

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion to join our Advisory Board.    You do not need to be an arts specialist or work in the arts, in fact we are keen to engage with people from outside the arts sector, but you must have a belief in the value,

importance and the positive difference culture and art can make – for us all. We are keen to

hear from applicants who care deeply about diversity and accessibility, and who can bring

compassion and sensitivity to this nuanced and essential challenge.

Key Details -

- Quarterly meetings approximately 2 hours in length.

- Meetings will often take place on Zoom with at least one in person meeting annually.

- The position will be held for no longer than 3 years.

- Travel expenses will be reimbursed by the company.

- The position is considered unpaid, however, we do not want money to be a barrier to anyone considering this role, so we are happy to discuss an appropriate honorarium to cover your time if this is a necessary requirement.

- We hope to make this position as accessible as possible, so if you have any access needs that may be a

barrier to you undertaking this role then please still apply as we would be very keen to discuss ways in which the role could be made accessible to you.

To find out more details about the role and how to apply please read this pdf - 

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